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How to Set Up a Twitter App

How to Set Up a Twitter App

What You’ll Learn

In this article, you’ll learn how to set up a Twitter widget with your latest tweets on your site.

Steps for Setting Up a Twitter App


1. Log into your site, open the Apps Store menu from the shelf, and browse for Twitter.

App Store menu, showing the Twitter app

2. Click and drag the “Install New” box to a position of your choice, and the app will load there.

Drag Twitter app to a  (column)

Edit Settings

3. You can edit the title, and of course, the settings. To access the options, click on the wrench icon, “Edit Settings”.

Twitter app: edit its settings by clicking the wrench icon

4. The first option on the settings modal window is your Twitter user name. Paste it there without the “@”. “Entries to Fade Through” lets you select how many of your latest tweets you want to display.

Settings for the Twitter app

And lastly, “Propagate Style to All Pages” is checked to copy all the styling dot options (like backgrounds and spacing) throughout your pages. If you uncheck it, the style dots’ options will be managed independently on each version.

Did you have any troubles setting the up Twitter app? Let us help you! Post your comments below.