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How to Transfer Your Domain To a New Registrar

The Issue

Are you having trouble figuring out how to point your domain through your domain registrar’s service, so you can have a custom URL for your website? Or maybe you can’t find anywhere to add or update the “A (Host)” records?

Don’t worry, you can always transfer your domain to another registrar that gives you everything you need to point your domain for your site! Most registrars offer this service nowadays.

Transfer Process

Although the domain transfer process will vary depending on which registrar you’re moving your domain to, here are the general steps to take:

1. Find a Registrar You Like (we recommend GoDaddy)

If you don’t want to use GoDaddy, you can find a list of top providers here. Just make sure the registrar offers a way for youto manage/update DNS records (also commonly referred to as DNS settings or DNS zones files).

2. Request a Domain Transfer from the New Registrar

Most domain registrars have a process in place to help streamline you transferring your domain to their service. Here’s GoDaddy’s instructions for example. Every registrar is different though, so we recommend visiting their site and searching for “domain transfer”. If the site doesn’t have a search feature, and you can’t easily find information on how they transfer domains, look for their support contact information and either call or email to find out how they handle domain transfers.

3. Follow Your Registrar’s Instructions

The new registrar will guide you on completing the domain transfer from there.

Once your domain transfer is complete, learn how to point your domain for your site!

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