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Edit or Remove the Social Share Widget

About the Share Widget

Once you have published your site, you will notice a share tab on the side corner of the pages on your site when you’re in Preview Mode or viewing your site when logged out. This share widget will allow visitors to share your site on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn quickly and easily.

It Shares Current URL

Clicking on any of these will share the current page URL of your site on the social network of choice. So if the link is pressed on the homepage it will produce a different link than if it’s pressed on any of your internal pages.

Share widget

The share widget allows you to socialize your site in popular networks

You can choose whether to display these three social share options within the Share Widget, display one or two, or simply disable the widget all together.

Edit Your Widget

These are the steps that you need to follow in order for you to edit the widget:

1. Login to your site and click More, then click “Share Widget.”

From the "More" menu on the shelf, select "Share Widget"

From the “More” menu on the shelf, select “Share Widget”

2. Edit the settings as desired.

You will see a pageslide with the following options (select the options you’d like):

The share widget options

You can edit a few options to customize your share widget

  • Enable/Disable it
  • Turn Services on/off (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus)
  • Choose a Color (White or Black)
  • Choose a Position (Left or Right)

3. Once you have selected the settings you’d like click Save.

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