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Attract Your Visitor’s Attention by Using the Animated Text App

The new Animated Text app will catch the eyes of your visitors with its multiple animation effects.

What You Will Learn

In this article you will learn how to use the Animated Text app to display amazing animated text messages or paragraphs.


1. Install the Animated Text App from the App Store.

Install the Animated Text app from the App Store

Go to the Apps tab in order for you to install the Animated Text app

2. Edit the Content

In order for you to change the message you will have to click on the wrench icon

Edit Settings button

Click on the Edit Settings button in order for you to be able to edit the content of the app

Once you do it you will see the Text Content field. Feel free to write anything on the content field, once you’re done writing you can either save or modify the rest of the settings.

Text Content field

Type anything you want inside the Text Content field

3. Animation Settings

You’ll see 3 settings on this category.

Animation Delay

This is the time (in seconds) before the animation starts. If this field is set to 0 it means that the animation will start right after the page loads. If the Animation delay is set to 5, then the animation will start 5 seconds after the page is fully loaded.

Animation Delay field

This is the time in seconds from which the animation will start once the page is fully loaded

Animation Type

You’ll be able to choose from over 17 amazing animations from flash, shake and pulse to fade and bounce options. It is important to say that the animation will be seen only once by your visitors at the time they load the page, it will not be repeated after that unless they reload the page again.

Animation Type button

Click on the dropdown menu in order to see the available animation effects

Animation Speed

You can set how fast you want the animation to be displayed, slow, medium and fast. This way you can have complete control over the animation.

Animation Speed button

Select the speed you want for the animation

4. Save

Remember that you can also change the font type, font color, alignment, line height and spacing among other settings. In order to do that you will have to click on the Text style dot.

Text Style dot

Click on the style dot in order to see the edit in place toolbar

But that’s not all, because you’ll be able to modify the container styles as well such as color, corner radius, spacing, padding, borders and drop shadow among other options, for that you will only have to click on the style dot located at the top left corner of the container.

Container Style Dot

Click on the dot to modify the styles of the container

You’re ready to create amazing text messages or paragraphs with an eye catching animation.

We would love to hear from you, so please let us know if you have any comments or questions.

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