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How to Add Text on Top of Images

What You’ll Learn

Have you tried to use the Slideshow, or other image apps, to add text (captions) on top of your thumbnail images? Today you’ll learn how to do just that, with the Banner app.

In the Banner article linked above, we go through the general process of setting up the app and start working with it, so here we’ll focus on the caption.

Steps for Adding a Caption Over an Image

You should already have a Banner app installed. For instructions on the basics, refer to the aforementioned linked Banner how-to.

A Banner app

Editing the Caption

1. Mouse over the caption, on the left side (should have a semi transparent, gray background).

Hovering over the caption of the Banner app

2. Double click directly on top of the text. If you double click above it, on the image, the image editor will open. And this is not what we need.

So double clicking it will put the cursor focus there, and you can start deleting the sample text, and typing your own.

You can edit the text by clicking it

And that’s it! Pretty simple huh?

Removing Call to Action

There’s one more thing though. You’ll notice on the opposite end, more sample text – the call to action. This call to action can either take you to a contact form (default behavior), or to a custom link you provide in the options.

But what if you don’t need it? Just click and delete it.

Select the text and remove it

You’ll notice that even after you delete all letters of that link, a green overlay (with its respective style dot) is still visible in the area where it was. This placeholder remains for you in case you want to add back the link.

Once removed, a placeholder remains for the call to action to be added again if you want

But even if you see it when you hover it in the editor, your visitors won’t see it.

Preview It

Click on the Preview Mode button (eye icon), on the right side of the shelf, to see how it actually looks for your visitors.

So there you go, you can now have images with caption text over them. If there’s something not covered in this article, let us know in the comments below!