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Select a Type of Format for Your Text

What are the Formatting Options?

Formatting options are made for bulk editing your text’s style. It is also for creating a hierarchy, and specially useful for sectioning larger blocks of text. Additionally, it’s helpful for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Using the right keywords in relevant headings, adds to your optimization strategy.

The following diagram is an example of how to use some different headings in a dissertation-like kind of page.

Diagram of headings used in a document

Different levels of headings are useful for creating a hierarchical structure of text

How to use them

Edit in Place Toolbar

When you are editing text, there’s a new option on the left side of your edit-in-place toolbar. This is where you can select a kind of format for your text.

Edit in place toolbar

On the left side of the edit in place toolbar, you’ll find a dropdown menu with the types of text formatting

Make a selection of the text you want to apply a type of format to, and then click on the menu and select one. Currently, you can either select a heading, blockquote, and normal text.

Normal text, will be applied to most of your text. The larger blocks of text flow or descriptions. Headings, will be titles and subtitles of your content. The example diagram above may help understand how to visualize the hierarchy of headings. And lastly, we have Blockquotes.

Blockquotes are made for styling the quotes of a person, character, or any external source. For these it is also advisable to include the source of that statement, name of the person and date, if possible.

Blockquote text

Example of a styled blockquote

Bulk Style Editor

Once you’ve made selections for all your headings in your current page (cross-page propagation is coming up), you can proceed to style them up. Locate the Styles button on the shelf:

Style button

Click on “Styles” on the shelf

Then, the bulk style editor will open. Locate the Text section on the left.

Bulk style editor panel

In this panel, select the “Text” tab on the left to reveal available editing options

Here you can select a set of styles for any or all of your types of text. Available options include: font family, font size, color, line height and more. Remember you can edit options for all your blocks, or just for any specific one. To do so, uncheck the “Merge Selected Block Controls” box on the bottom. Then you’ll be able to update styles per individual block, and have different sets of styles for your types of text in every block, even if it’s the same heading.

Note that once you’ve selected a given set of styles for your kinds of text, you can make exceptions.


Exceptions can happen when you’ve already set your style for a given type of text. Then you can go to a particular occurrence and update the styles manually with the edit-in-place toolbar.

The edit in place toolbar

Make your style-updates only after you’ve finished editing your styles on the bulk style editor


It’s important to do this once you’ve done setting your general styles. If you make an exception somewhere, and you go back to the bulk style editor to make an updates on that type of text, your exception will be overwritten with the general styles and formatting options.

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