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How to Subscribe to Your Blog’s RSS

The Blog, Projects and Shop apps produce a feed with the entries you publish. In order to subscribe to them you must go to the following URL:

Replacing “yoursite” with your actual site. If you enter it on your browser you will get to a page where you can subscribe (depending on your browser). Otherwise you can just copy and paste that URL to your reader of choice.

Browser subscription page for a sample site

Here you can choose to subscribe to your favorite reader

Note that you must append the “?rss=true” to the URL of a page that has a Blog app installed.

If you want to add a “subscribe now” button to your site, you can use the whole URL as the value for the “Link When Clicked (Optional)” field of the Button’s form settings.

"Link When Clicked" field on a Button app's form settings

On the Button app, you can select a URL (instead of a contact form) to be opened when your users click on that button

More Than Current Blog

Since you’re able to install more than one Blog app (on different pages), this feature will group all the posts of all the Blogs together. For this reason

Not Just Blog App

You can use this feature in a similar way for the Projects app and the Mini Shop app. Both have a similar way of working and publishing entries.

This feature won’t merge Blog’s with Project’s or Mini Shop’s posts.

Enabled by default

You don’t have to activate or select to publish a feed for any of your apps, as the publishing of the RSS feed is enabled by default.


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