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Make Your Footer Always Visible with a Sticky Footer

What is a Sticky Footer

We use this term to refer to a footer that’s always showing on your page, no matter if you scroll down your page or not.

A sample site with the footer fixed

A sticky or fixed footer will remain above the rest of the content while scrolling

Refer to the following image to better understand this concept.

Sticky footer

A sticky footer means that it will be in a fixed position and always visible on your page

In this article, we’ll provide you with a script that will automatically make your footer sticky.

Open the URL/Custom Tracking Code Panel

First, login to your site.

On the shelf, click on the “More” button and locate the “URL / Custom Tracking Code”.

The More menu with the custom URL option highlighted

Click on the More menu and then “URL / Custom Tracking Code”

Note that we are not using the embed app. If we did, the code may work only for the current page. If you only want to make your footer sticky on one page, then install an embed app and paste the code from the next step there. But if you want it to be fixed across all of your pages, you must paste it on the “Tracking Code” section.

Paste this Code

Copy the following code and paste it on your tracking code box.

If you have problems copying/pasting this code, open this plain-text file to copy the code from there.


Tracking code area

Paste the above code in this box and click on the “Save” button (top right)

That’s it!

Just save and finish! Note that you won’t be able to preview it while on admin (editing) mode. Even if you click on the preview icon. You may want to log out first or visit your site in another browser/computer (where you haven’t signed in) to preview it.

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