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Show Your LinkedIn Profile on Your Site

In this tutorial, you will learn how to embed and display your LinkedIn Profile in one of your pages created with our website maker.

LinkedIn Profile Plugin

First, go to this LinkedIn plugin page. There you will find a tool that will generate the code needed. It is not necessary to be logged in.

Linked in Member Profile plugin page

In this page you can generate the code to embed a profile in your site

In this page you can paste the public profile URL of the profile you want to show.

Field for public LinkedIn Profile

Paste the desired profile URL in this field

You can grab that URL from the address bar of your browser, when on the profile you want to show.

Personalize the Look

Once you paste the URL, the preview on the right will display how it looks. Below the “Enter your public profile URL” field, you’ll find a few options to choose how you want your profile to look.

Options for displaying your profile

Customize your profile with these options

Keep previewing it on the right as you play with the options and display modes.

Copy the code

Once you’re done tweaking, click on the “Get Code” button below the “Show connections” option. The code will be displayed below.

"Get Code" button for your profile

Copy the code generated here

Back to Breezi

Paste the code in an HTML Embed app. This is how it would look:

The public profile of Jeff Weiner, CEO at LinkedIn

A preview of how the profile will look once in your Breezi site

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