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Show your “Latest Posts” on a Sidebar with the RSS app

In this article we’ll show you how to use the RSS app to show off your latest posts on the sidebar or anywhere you like.

These latest posts could be from your Blog app of course, but remember that the Projects and Mini Shop apps also have feeds that you or your visitors can subscribe to.

Why Do this

You can do this to show a summary of your latest posts.

Example of latest post with the RSS app on the sidebar

Example of latest post with the RSS app on the sidebar

You can think of this as an index of entries or an excerpt of latest posts on your main page or on all pages’ sidebar. This way you don’t have to show the full fledged version of all posts, and help your visitors quickly navigate through the latest ones.

But alternatively you can use it just to test, to make sure everything all your posts are being published alright.

Blog App

First, in case you don’t have it already, you need a Blog app (or one of the other apps that produce an RSS feed). Make sure you install it on the right page.

Installing a Blog app

Installing a Blog app

For example, if the site’s main purpose is to be a Blog, then probably you’ll want to install it on the main (home) page. But if the Blog is only a section of several others, you’ll want to install it on a page called “Blog” or something similar.

A dedicated page for your blog

A dedicated page for your blog

If you need instructions on how to use the Blog app, check this article about it.

Next, create some posts. If you don’t have content, you can use sample text to try it out.

CMS panel for the Blog app

Creating a new post

RSS Feed

As you may already know, RSS is a technology that is used for syndicating content. This means you can use this content for basically two means: read it on a software (such as Google Reader) or show it off on your website.

Google Reader preview

There are several apps you can use to subscribe to RSS feeds, like Google Reader

The Blog app produces a feed, that your visitors can use to read the content you post there on their RSS reader of choice, or even show it on their own website.

The RSS feed URL that our program produces for your site is something like:

This address is relative to the page where the Blog app is installed. So if it’s on the homepage, the URL would look like:

You must substitute with your own domain (or subdomain) where necessary, and copy that URL.


Now you can install your RSS app.

App Store with the RSS app highlighted

Grab this button to install the RSS app

There’s only one setting that’s essential: the URL of your feed. You can also customize how many entries to show.

RSS app settings

Paste the URL of your feed here

Once pasted the URL in the appropriate field, you’re done.

Preview your site and check out your latest entries!


If you have questions, please let us know on the comments below.