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Getting Your Breezi Site in Search Results

Why Indexing Your Website is Important

A website without visitors is  like a car without wheels (useless).  So now that you have built your website with our website builder how are people going to know about it and find it?  They’ll Google it, of course. But before your website is displayed in search results it needs to be indexed or recognized by a search engine before it is displayed in search queries. In this article we will walk you through a few tips that will help get your site indexed.

Index your website so that it displays in search results.

Tools and Resources

There are a few available tools and resources online that will help get your website indexed. These tools are easy to use and don’t require extensive web or coding knowledge in order to use them. Simply sign up and follow the steps we will outline next. We will be using:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster Tools

Google Analytics

Analytics is a great tool to identify and track your websites traffic. We will not get into all the details of the tool but will cover the basics so that your website can get indexed and you can begin traffic. You can find Google Analytics by clicking on this link. (If you already have an account with Google Analytics and are familiar with the set up of your website process you can move onto the Webmaster Tools section.) To get started with Analytics you need to sign in or create an account.

Sign In or Create an Account for Google Analytics

Note: If you have a Gmail or Google account you can simply sign in.

Once you are signed up or logged in you can then set up your website’s analytics. Set up the account name by using your websites name and then add in your sites URL. If you are using a custom URL you can set it here also. Continue by adding in your locations country and time zone, pick a category that best fits your website and finish by accepting the terms and conditions and click on continue.

Set up your website whether it’s our company’s domain or a custom domain.

The next step is to integrate the analytics code you were provided with into your website. You can learn how to that by reading the How Track Traffic with Google Analytics On Your Site article here. Once that is complete we can move onto webmaster tools.

Copy the analytics code onto your website


Google Webmaster Tools

Webmaster tools is possibly the most important part of getting your website indexed. As with Google analytics you can also sign up for free and set up your website by following a few simple steps. First go to the webmaster tools website here. Again if you have a Gmail or Google account you can simply sign in, if not go ahead and sign up. Once you are signed in you can then begin setting up your website.

Add your website’s URL in the bar.

Website Verification

Once you have added your site you will need to verify ownership in order to be able to index your website. This can be done in a few simple steps with the help of Google Analytics.

Click on the alternate method tab in order to display the Google Analytics verification.

Note: Google Analytics must be set up prior to verifying your website with Google Webmaster Tools.

Verified website check mark. Then continue.

Sitemap Submission

Now you will submit your website’s sitemap to Google. It automatically generates a sitemap of created pages within your website.

Click on “Optimization” and from the drop-down choose “Sitemaps”

Add in your website’s sitemap parameter (sitemap.xml) and click Submit Sitemap

Once you complete this last step you have submitted your website to Google’s index, submitted a sitemap and can begin tracking website traffic.

On Page Elements

There a few on page elements that you must take into consideration in order for your website to be visible in search engines for the queries that you would like to be displayed for. These include:

  • Page titles
  • Meta description tags
  • Keywords
  • Site content

We have put together a tutorial on how to optimize your website for search engine visibility. To learn more about Optimizing Your Site for Search Engines you can follow this link.

If you have any questions please visit our Q & A section and our How To’s section. Your comments are always welcomed below.