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Creating SEO Friendly Content for Your Site

OK so you’ve got the layout and design part of your site and at this point you may have some idea of the content that you’d like on your site. Let’s talk about why your site should have SEO friendly content and then we will walk through some basic content elements that you should include on your site.

Content is More than Just Text

When we think about content for a website the first thing that comes to mind is text but in today’s web world content is so much more than just the text that is on your site.

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Audio
  • Text

Is what makes up content on your website and adding these to your website is vital for two reasons. So that your visitors can connect and interact with your website and search engines can crawl and index your site and its contents. While you may not implement all of the elements in the list there are two that at least every website should contain but before we begin breaking down each content category let’s take a look at some things your content should be:

The Content Copycat

Your sites content should be fresh and original. While it’s OK to check out competitors to get an idea of what they are doing on their sites taking content from their websites is a no-no.  Especially with recent changes in Google’s algorithm it’s very important that you update your sites content which will let search engines know that  your sites content is fresh and will also keep your visitors engaged and coming back for more.

An Effective Content Chain

When adding content to your site another way to keep your audience engaged is internal linking. The more content that you include in your website the more attractive it is for visitors and on the plus side search engines have a lot more content to index.

Engaging and Interesting

Keep your sites content engaging enough for your target audience.  Write about what they want to know and what they care about. Including images and videos that will support your sites content will re-enforce everything else you write.

Now it’s Time to break Down Each Content Category.

In the next section we will cover each content category and break it down so that you know what is important within each one.

Worth A Thousand Words

Images are essential to most websites but images do not tell the full story. While images are a surefire way of getting your point across in an instant you also need some content to back up the message that you want to get across to your visitors. The use of images in your content is great for visuals but search engines don’t know what is contained within the image so there are two things you can do. Make sure that your images have an alt and title tag and if possible write some content around the image that is both descriptive and informational. This will help search engines understand your image and your visitors know more about your images.add image Different Ways to Add Images with Apps

Tip: Use our image app to upload images and add an alt tag for search engine visibility

Tell A Story with Videos

A lot like images videos are an easy way to keep your visitors engaged. The use of video in websites is becoming the norm and with platforms like Youtube, Vimeo and Viddler it’s very easy to include videos on your site.

Tip: You can use our Video Player App to add videos to your website.

Audio a Viable Option

Audio can play a big part of your sites content if you have podcasts, soundcloud files or playlists. For example if you have a weekly podcast you can include your podcast files as part of your sites content. Another clear example of audio content is if your site is a musician or music based website like a dj, band, singer or any other type of music related site. dot soundcloud song details Add Music to Your Website With The SoundCloud Set Player App

Tip: You can embed audio files with our embed app or if you use Souncloud you can embed individual tracks or playlists.

Tell a Compelling Story

We left text content last because it’s the most important part of your website. Clear and engaging text can make or break your site.  If you have a great story to tell then you will keep your visitors coming back for more. This can be achieved through homepage content, internal page content such as services or about and a blog. Blogging can help you keep your website fresh up to date and engaging. A lot of times designers find themselves at a roadblock when it comes to developing content for a site so we’ve created Content Sets within or web design application that will help you kick start your sites content. These are sets of content created for a specific niche or category that you can easily edit to your specific needs. It’s a simple and ease way to go from design to publishing in a heartbeat.

20120301 fuedhbmde6wub7n6pntfx6ugep How the Text App Works

On Your Way To Generating Traffic

So if you follow these few simple tips and guidelines on how to implement and add content to your site you will be on your way to generating traffic on your site.