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Save Changes & Updates Made On Your Site


We have just released a new feature that allows you to publish changes on demand! This means that changes are not reflected to your visitors until you manually publish them so your users won’t be seeing a half edited page. Check it out!

How to Save Changes

There currently isn’t a Save Changes options that applies to all of your updates that you’ve made to your site at any given time. Instead, changes are saved in real time and updated on your site as you make modifications. Depending on what you’re updating within your site, you may or may not see a “Save” option for individual updates you make. For example, when you edit text right on your page, it saves the changes you make as soon as you click out of the app without you having to do anything. However, most other places where you’re making updates will give you a save button.

For example, when you upload an image, you’ll see a Save button:

Click save on the lower right corner

Also, if you make an update to an app’s Settings, you’ll also see a Save option you’ll need to click to save that specific change:

Click on the lower right corner to save app settings

A Good Rule of Thumb

If you see a Save or Save Changes button, that means you need to click to apply & save the updates you made. If you don’t see a Save option, that means the change will save automatically after you make the update and click away from that app or instance (i.e. a style dialog box saves your changes immediately). We may be adding a site-wide save option in the future, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated!

Additional Information

Currently there is not an Undo or Redo feature - but we know it’s important! We’ll be adding these features soon, don’t worry. We just have a number of other awesome new features to roll out first, then we’ll take care of this ASAP…thanks for your patience!

Update! Undo is live!

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