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How to Reset Your Site

How to Reset Your Site

What You’ll Learn

In this post, we’ll show you how to reset your site. This will take you back to the beginning of the site-creation process, and you’ll be able to choose a new starting point.


But be very careful, this will erase your whole site, removing pages, apps and any customization you’ve made. This may not be a good idea if your site is already published and receiving visitors. The only things that will be “remembered” are your subdomain, user name and email. But you will be able to change them once you’re prompted for them.

Steps to Resetting Your Site

Simply: Hit Reset

1. To reset your site, log into it and click on More on the shelf. Then select “Reset Site”.

Click "Reset Site & Choose New Starting Point"

Click “Reset Site & Choose New Starting Point”

A warning message will ask if you are sure about it. Hit “Yes”.

Reset site confirmation box

Site Deleted

2. Your site will be deleted, among with everything you created. That’s why it is important you are sure you want to do this.

Deleting-Site box

Back to the Start

3. You will be taken to the beginning of the site creation process: choosing a starting point. You can select either a Wireframe or a Pre-Designed template.

This is the starting point of the site creation process

And you can start over again from here.

Note that you will be asked for a new password, after you select a starting point.

Fragment of the "New Breezi site" window, focusing on the password

Please consider if you really want to reset your site!

Any doubts? Please let us know below.