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Restore Your Corrupted Apps to Their Default State

What You’ll Learn

In this post we’ll show you how to reset an app so you can restore it to its default state. This can be helpful if an app is creating problems or corrupting your site (which can happen with the Embed HTML app). By resetting your apps you should be able to get your site working properly again.

Note: if you reset an app, you won’t be able to get your content or styling back, so be careful.


1. Login to your site.

2. Add /siteadmin/apps/corruption_panel at the end of your site’s URL. You can see an example in the image below.


Add “siteadmin/apps/corruption_panel” to the end of the URL to open the Reset App panel

3. In the panel that’ll open up, look for the app that is causing trouble.

It’s usually the Embed app because it deals with codes from other pages that can be corrupted. That’s why we encourage you to be careful and not use codes from sites you don’t know or trust because it can cause some serious damage to your site.

Note: to know which app is the one that’s corrupting your site, remember which one you were editing when your site started breaking and that will be the answer. You will be able to see the date when it was last modified on the right hand side of the panel. Most times the app itself will break (this can also give you a clue as to what app to reset).

4. Hit the “Reset” button at the left of the app you want to restore to its default state.

Reset panel

Click the “Reset” button at the left of the app you want to restore

A success message will appear at the top left corner of the panel.

5. Log back in to your site to see the changes.

If by this point you have already published your site, you’ll need to click on the “Publish Changes” button for the changes to reflect in published version of your site.

And that’s it! If your site is still broken after this, chat with us or leave a comment in the section below!