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Register (Purchase) a Domain

Register (Purchase) a Domain

Registrar Options

We do not currently offer a way for you to register (purchase) a domain, but there are lots of third party services out there that make it easy for you.

You can register a domain with GoDaddy or iwantmyname, and we recommend using their service for registering your domain.

If you’d like to look into other domain registrars, you can find a list of top providers here. Just make sure the registrar offers a way for you to manage/update DNS records (also commonly referred to as DNS settings or DNS zones files).


Go to, and start searching for available domain name(s).

Once you find one you like that is available, follow the provided steps until you’ve completed the purchase.

There are several domain registrars available, GoDaddy is one of them

Most services have a very similar process: look for a domain to find out if it’s already registered, if it’s available go through the screens of the online sel.

Pointing Your Domain

After you’ve purchased your domain, learn how to point your domain so it maps to your website, or look for instructions on your specific provider on this list.

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