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Publish Changes on Demand

Publish Changes on Demand

In this post, you’ll learn about some changes in the saving mechanism in our platform. The way it used to be, was saving every change you did on your site all the time. As images were added, style was changed, or apps were installed, your visitors would see those changes as you performed them. Every change: automatically live.

Today we are announcing the Publish changes on demand feature. You can also think of it as a “draft mode”.

This means that changes are not reflected to your visitors until you manually publish them.

How to Publish Changes

On the shelf, now there’s a button on the right side. If you hover over it, a tooltip will display “Publish Changes”.

The "Publish Changes" button

On the right side of the shelf, you can push your changes live on demand

So once you are done and happy with your changes, you can publish them “live”. Your users won’t be seeing a half edited page, until you are finished and decide to save your edits.

This feature is obviously only available after a site has been published. If you have an unpublished site (whether because it’s new or you unpublished at some point), you won’t see this button.

No button "Publish Changes"

An unpublished site won’t get the new button


Currently, the CMS enabled apps (like the Blog app) are not supported by this feature. This means that as you edit your blog posts, for example, changes will be live, without pressing any button.

Also, when you create a new page, this one will be instantly available. But most probably is that you (or anybody for that matter) haven’t linked it from anywhere.

Unless you enter manually the whole URL of that page on your browser, no one is going to be able to see it.

Add page button

New pages are instantly available


Your visitors won’t be able to see any changes you’ve made on your site until they hit that “publish” button.

If you are testing it and don’t see the changes on the public site, try refreshing a few times and/or clearing your cache.

Doubts? Please comment below and let us know!