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Publishing and Unpublishing Your Site


We have just released a new feature that allows you to publish changes on demand! This means that changes are not reflected to your visitors until you manually publish them so your users won’t be seeing a half edited page. Check it out!

About Publishing and Unpublishing Your Site

When you start out with a site on our platform, your site is only visible to you when you’re logged in and it’s not yet publicly accessible. To make your site accessible to everyone (public) you will have to click on the “Publish” button located on the main toolbar at the bottom of the screen:

The Publish button

The Publish button

If you ever publish your site accidentally, or otherwise need to “unpublish” it, just click “More” and then click the “Unpublish Site” option.

Unpublishing your site will make it unavailable to visitors

Click here to unpublish your site

If you have published your site but you do not want search engines to crawl certain pages, you have the option to hide them from search engines. Just follow these simple steps to hide your site’s pages from search engines:

To “Hide” and “Unhide” Your Pages

1. Click on the Pages menu on the shelf, then click the “Page Settings” link for the page you’d like to hide

Click here to open Page Settings

Click here to open Page Settings

2. Click on the SEO Settings option

Hide Page 2

3. Check the “Hide from Search Engines” box and “Update!”

Hide Page 3

You will have to follow these steps for each page on your site that you’d like to hide from search engines. When you’re ready to “unhide” your site’s pages so search engines can start crawling them again, you just have to uncheck the “Hide from Search Engines” box on the pages you selected it on previously.

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