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General Instructions for Pointing Your Own Domain (part 1/2)

Quick Answer

Edit the “@” record under your “A (Host) Records” through your DNS Manager; point it to and save; log into your site, then click “More” (on the shelf) and select “URL / Custom Tracking Code“; enter the domain in the Top Level Domain field, select “Redirect Subdomain to Top Level Domain” and save.

The DNS Manager, editing the A record

Edit the A (Host) record and point it to ours (

The screenshot above shows the Domain Management panel (where you need to make the updates) in GoDaddy. Check the link below for a list of articles about how to point your domain with different domain providers:
Domain Setup Instructions for Specific Providers

DNS V.S. “A Records”

The update referred here is not to be made on the DNS (Name Servers), but on the “A Records” inside the DNS Management panel. To learn the difference between Name Servers and records, click here.

The Detailed Answer

You can easily connect your own domain to your site, and here are the general steps for how to do this. It will allow you to change from the current subdomain (remove “Breezi” from the address), to a TLD (Top Level Domain) of yours.

Note: the following instructions assume you’ve already registered your domain, and be aware that it can take up to 48 hours for the domain to propagate fully.

1. Log Into Your Account

Log into your domain registrar’s site and access your account. For a list of available instructions of specific providers, click here.

2. Access the DNS Manager

Find the area in your domain registrar account where you can edit DNS settings, which also may be titled something like “DNS Manager,” “Zone File Settings,” “Domain Settings,” “DNS Records,” etc.

DNS Manager link

This is the “DNS Manager” in GoDaddy, click on “Launch” to open it

3. Point Your Domain to our IP Address

Look to see if there’s already a list of “A (Host)” records – you need to either update the “@” record here (or add an “@” record), and point it to our IP address:

It should look something like this:

The DNS Manager, editing the A record

Edit the A (Host) record and point it to ours (

Check it was Pointed OK

Check the article below to learn how verify that your Domain was pointed successfully.

How to Verify

Second Part

Click here to learn the lasts steps on pointing your domain!

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