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How to Add a PayPal Payment Button


The Mini Shop App has been released! Use it to create an online store within Breezi.

Paypal in Breezi

So, you want to sell your awesome products or services through your Breezi website, or maybe accept donations? No problem! You have a number of different options for adding e-commerce capabilities on your site, to let visitors shop your online store, purchase services, or make donations.

In this tutorial, I’ll go through how you can add different PayPal buttons to your Breezi site, and the options you have to customize them.

Steps for Adding a Payment Button

Open an Account

1. If you don’t have a PayPal account yet, you can sign up for a free account here. If you already have an account, simply login.

Create a Payment Button

2. Visit the “Create a PayPal Payment Button” page here.

Select PayPay Payment Button Type for Embed HTML App

3. Select the type of button you’d like from the “Choose a button type” drop down menu, and go through the available options on the page to configure your payment button.

4. When you’re done setting all of the available options for your button, click “Create Button”.

Copy the Code

5. The “Website” tab should be selected on the following page. Click “Select Code” and copy everything that’s in the box.

PayPal Button in Breezi Website - Generate Embed HTML Code

Paste the Code Into an Embed App

6. Log into your website, install a new version of the Embed HTML app if you haven’t already, and click “Edit Content” (pencil icon) on the app.

7. Remove the default html code in the field, and paste the code from PayPal. Click “Save” and then “Close”.

That’s it

8. You should now see the PayPal button on your page, and you can use the style dots to adjust spacing and other styles around the button.

Custom Button

Want to Use a Custom Button Instead of PayPay’s Default Buttons? Note: this option is for more advanced users.

Use Breezi’s Button App

PayPal gives you an option to use your own custom button design instead of their default options, however you need to have the image file for your button, and it needs to be uploaded somewhere that provides a URL for the image file. You can design the button in your Breezi site using the Button app – as shown in the video above – and then take a screenshot and upload the image to the web using Jing (free app that works on PC and Mac), or another similar service.

Design Your Own

You can alternatively design a custom button using Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. or take a screen capture of your Breezi button with your computer’s native screen capture feature, and then upload the image file to the web using a service like DropBox. As long as you have your own button image file and it’s uploaded to the web and viewable using a URL, you’re good to go!

Customize Appearance

In PayPal (step 3 above), select the “Customize text or appearance” button, then click “Use your own button image” and paste your button image URL in the field.

Using a Custom Button Image for Your PayPal Purchase Button in Breezi

More e-commerce tutorials coming soon, but in the meantime check out our Wazala tutorial here if you’re interested in checking out other options for adding a store on your site!