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Color Palettes

Color Palettes

While in the process of designing and creating a website one of the most important things to consider is the use of colors for the website you are creating. The use of color on your website is both essential and a tool that can help keep your visitors on site and feel welcomed.

In this article we will explain and show you how to use the color palette that we have integrated into our program. It will help you instantly add color to your websites.

Using the Color Palette Feature

Ok, so let’s get started and take a look at how you can activate the color palette feature on your site.

To open it, go to the the Skins menu on the shelf. Click on “Get More Skins!”.

The Skins menu open

Click the “Get More Skins!” button

On the top bar that appears, look for the “Palettes” tab.

The palettes button

Click this button to view available palettes of color to apply to your site

Once you have clicked on the color palette a color palette bar will activate on the upper portion of the editor.

Here you will see a some examples and combinations of colors. You can scroll left to right using the scroll button located at the bottom left (default location) of the color palette picker or you can click on “View More” tab.

Scrolling Option

With the scrolling option you can easily move left to right and vice versa while keeping the overlay of the palette picker in the upper section of the editor. You can easily exit by clicking on the exit button and you will return to the editor. without the color palette overlay.

View More Option

In the view more option of the color palette app you are presented with the entire library of color palettes and are scrollable in an up and down on the page. You can easily exit by clicking on the exit button and you will return to the editor. without the color palette overlay.

You will be able to see the entire gallery of palettes by clicking on the view more option.

Previewing and Applying the Color Palettes

So now that you have learned the different ways of displaying and activating the color palette app within the editor let’s take a look at how you can preview and apply color palettes to any of your pages.

Preview Mode

In either the top overlay or the full page display of the color palette app when you hover over a specific palette you have the option of “live preview”. Once you click on live preview the color palette will load and you will be given the following options:

Revert – Apply Color Palette

You can choose to revert the color palette to your default colors prior to clicking on “live preview”. Clicking on revert will close the color palette app and you will have to activate it again to continue using the color palette app.

When you choose to apply the color palette you are previewing you will be prompted to choose what pages of your site you would like to apply the colors to.

Once applied the updates will made on the pages you have chosen to apply the color palette.
The combinations of color palette on your sites pages are limitless and you are encouraged to test different palettes on your site until you find the combination that best works for your site.

Let us know if you have any comments or further questions.

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