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How the Navigation Menu App Works


A new version of the Navigation App has been released! Check it out!

About the Navigation App

Navigation menus are a key part of most websites, as they allow your visitors to easily move around and find the pages they’re looking for. If your site is composed of two or more pages, you will need to link them in order to make them accessible for your visitors. Here’s a brief description of the Navigation app so you can learn how to take full advantage of it.

Use the WYSIWYG Toolbar

To Edit Text

Select a default entry on the menu and edit the text using the WYSIWYG toolbar at the top of your page.

The navigation app

To Create and Edit Links

Once you have edited and formatted the text, highlight the word(s) and then click the chain link icons in the WYSIWYG toolbar. Or if the word(s) are already linked, you can mouse over the link to see the editing options.

Editing text in the Navigation app

Select one of your existing pages under “My Pages” or you can link to an outside website by putting the full URL in the URL field. Then select the proper option if you want this link to open in the same or new window and click Save.

Editing links in the Navigation app

To Change Its Colors

To change the color and rollover color you just have to highlight the text and click on the color picker. Select the Default Color and the the Rollover Color that you’d like. You can pick one of the available colors or enter a custom color just by clicking on the + button and entering a hex code.

Editing colors in the Navigation app

To Add a New Entry

If you need to add a new entry, just click on the “New Entry” button in the app toolbar (the first one from left to right). A new item will appear in its default state. You’ll need to go through all the editing, styling and linking options that were mentioned before.

"New Entry" on Navigation App

Use the Style Dots

We know you want to have full control of every single aspect of this app so you can also customize the containers or separators by clicking on the menu link’s style dot. You can chose between containers or separators (bars, bullets, dash, pipes), color, spacing, distance between entries, borders, drop shadow, gradient colors, etc.

Editing style settings for the Navigation app

Edit Its Settings

You can also change the orientation and alignment just by clicking on the Edit Settings button when you rollover the app. You will be able to fully customize the navigation menu of your site with all of these tools. Also note that there isn’t currently a way to automatically generate a navigation menu for all the pages created, you have to add them manually.

Additional Information

Remember that we’re available to help you if you have any comments or questions. Send us an email to and one of our specialists will be happy to assist you!