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How to Move an App

How to Move an App

What You’ll Learn

In this article, we’ll show you how to do a basic task: change the position of an app.

When you are in editing mode in your site (logged in), you can make all sorts of edits and changes, like adding text, images or videos, change styles, colors and backgrounds, add or remove apps, and of course: moving them.


1. Once you log into your site, hover over any of your apps and notice several things happening: a border outlining the whole app, dots appearing near the top left corners, and the app toolbar showing at the top of the app.

Controls shown when you hover an app

We’re interested in the app toolbar (the one that appears on top of the app). There you will find an icon with arrows pointing in four directions (up, right, down and left). This is the “move app” button.

2. Click and drag from this icon to reposition your app within your layout.

The "move app" button

When you click and drag this button, your app will turn into a small box.

Moving an app

Notice that when you start dragging around your app between columns, a gray “drop” box appears wherever you move your mouse, indicating that you can release the app there.

Drop area for the apps

This box may be larger or smaller, depending on the column where you’re dropping it.

Larger app drop-area

3. Just release it! And the app will load there.

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