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Making an Awesome Looking Button

In this tutorial, I’ll go through how to create a nice looking button:
1. Add the Button app on your page where you’d like to have it.
2. Select the style dot for the button.
3. Change the background and rollover color to something that you’d like. Tip: make the rollover color just a bit lighter or darker than the background color in most cases.
4. Apply a gradient if you’d like, and try inverting the gradient and adjusting the intensity.
5. Play with the other style effects until you reach the look and feel you’d like to see for the button. Tip: Adding only a top border to the button can give it a nice effect.
6. Lastly, adjust the font styles in the button text – you can adjust the font style, size, color, spacing, kerning, drop shadow and more using the WYSIWYG toolbar options.
You can always click into “Preview” mode to see how your changes look while hiding the editing options.