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Adding a MailChimp Email Newsletter Sign-up

Instructions to Embed a Widget from Mailchimp

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to integrate a MailChimp email newsletter signup form into your Breezi site using our intuitive website creator.

For Starters…

1. Go to your MailChimp account (or sign up for a free account).

2. Go to your lists. For information on how to create lists, visit this MailChimp support link.

Mailchimp's bar with Lists selected

3. Select “Forms” from one of your lists (you must have a list already).

Select "Forms" from one of your lists

To Create a Code

4. Once on your form, scroll down to the “Share it” link. If you want to learn how to set up a form, check MailChimp’s knowledge base.

A red arrow pointing to the "Share It" button

5. Here you’ll be presented with two options. The code for a plain link to the form, or a button labeled “Create HTML Code For A Small Subscribe Form”. Hit the last one.

The "Create HTML Code" button on Mailchimp

6. You have 3 form styles here: “Super Slim Form”, “Classic Form” and “Naked Form”.

Signup-form options

We’ll use the first one for this example. If you want to learn more about styling MailChimp forms, check their guide on it.

7. The code is generated below the form preview.

Sample code for the Mailchimp widget

Back in Your Breezi Site…

8. Now embed this code in your Breezi site. Use an Embed HTML app. And that’s it! Your visitors will now be able to subscribe to your lists right from your site!

Preview of the Mailchimp newsletter sign-up option

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