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Edit All Content from a Single Place with Content Mode

Content Mode has just been released!

With this feature that works very much like cms editing, you’ll be able to edit all content (text/images) from a single place. You can get your copy and photos right from this CMS view!

You can still go back to the visual editor and edit in place your apps whenever you want.

Where to Find it

You can enter Content Mode any time by clicking on this button on the shelf.

Content Mode button on the shelf

Click this button to open Content Mode

CMS Panel

If you have been using our application for a while, you’ll remember that we already have the CMS panel for certain apps.

You can think of Content Mode as an extended version of the CMS panel with enhanced cms edit in place. Here you’ll find all your installed apps on the left side. Clicking them will let you edit the content on the right.

You can also select which page you want to see the apps for on the upper side.

This diagram shows the different parts of Content Mode

This diagram shows the different parts of Content Mode

You will only see images installed on the selected (current) page.

This way you don’t have to leave Content Mode to edit your apps.

Apps with Additional Options

The apps that have additional options or that manage entries, will show a sub menu with these.

Content Mode with the Navigation app selected

Some apps have additional options

If you want to add more entries, modify current ones, or add categories (on the apps that apply), you can do so by clicking on any of these links.

Change Page

Selecting a page from this drop down will allow you to modify the content for the apps on that page.

Select a page from this dropdown

You don’t need to exit Content Mode to edit apps from other pages

App Renaming

Update! You can now rename your app versions when working with Content Mode.

Notice the pencil icon on the right side of each app.

App renaming within Content Mode

Rename your apps by clicking on the pencil icon

Click it and you will be able to edit the name of that app! Just type the desired name and hit enter.

Entering a name for the app

Edit the name and hit enter

Something else?

If we missed something, or have any doubt, please share it on the comments below.