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Create an Event Microsite for your Eventbrite Event

Hey there! Today we are announcing a feature that will let you create event microsites automatically out of an Event from Eventbrite. All you need is to enter your event here:

Create a beautiful event microsite, instantly!

Sign Up to Eventbrite

If you haven’t already, create an Eventbrite account.

On their website, click on “Sign Up” and fill in your email & password.

Sign up form in Eventbrite

Enter your data and click “Sign up”

Create Event

The first screen that will appear when you sign up is the Event creation page.

Currently, you can choose between two modes, the default and a new version. Both achieve the same thing: set up the details of your event and publish it.

Event creation page at Eventbrite

You can choose between “old” and “new” modes

We’d recommend going through the newer page, as it may at some point become the default, the old one being depreciated.

This image shows a fragment of the step 1 on the Event creation process

Fill in the details of your Event

Once you have entered all your Event data, you can click on “Make Event Live”.

Make your Event Live

Click this button to publish your Event

This is how your Event may look in Eventbrite:

Preview of an Event in Eventbrite

Preview of an Event in Eventbrite

Enter your Event Name in our application.

Go to the Event search page in our program:

Event search in Breezi

Type in your Event title and select your event from the dropdown

Select a Theme

Once you select your event, you’ll be taken to a page where screenshots of themes are presented. These themes are generated on the fly with the actual data of your Event.

The following disclaimer appears:

We’re now going to insert your event info into our dynamically generated designs and take screenshots of them so you can pick which you like the best!

After closing the disclaimer, you can browse the screenshots and pick any of your liking. A site will be automatically created.

Screenshot previews of automatic themes for your Event site

Select a theme from the available

Save Your Site

Upon selecting a theme, you’ll be prompted for site details. Enter a name for your microsite, your name, email and password and click “Get Started!”.

Breezi site sign up form to save your site

In order to continue, you must enter your data

Modify Content, Layout and Style

The information in your site is grabbed automatically out of your Event, but this doesn’t mean you can’t modify it.

Once the site is created, you can edit it just like any other normal site!

Editing a Style Dot

Editing a Style Dot

That’s it

This is how your awesome Event microsite may look in our application.

Preview of your Event in Breezi

Preview of your Event in our program.

Please let us know how you liked this article. In case of doubts, share them here too!