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Inserting Images with Text Wrapping

What You’ll Learn

In this tutorial we’ll show how you can insert an image in the Text app, and have text wrap the image.


First you’ll want to insert a version of the Text app if you’re not already using it. Update your text as needed, then move your cursor to the left of the first word of a paragraph of text.

Click the “Insert Image” icon from the WYSIWYG editor, and upload the image you’d like to display.

Image inserted on a Text app

You can see the image was inserted right on the left of the first word

Then you can edit the image as needed in the image editor (cropping/resizing).

Next, move your cursor to the left of the first word in the paragraph, backspace the text until it’s right up against the image, and then click the left align option in the WYSIWYG toolbar.

Left aligning the image will make surrounding text float around it

Click on the “left align” button on the Edit in Place toolbar

This will make your text wrap the image. You can take the same steps to make an image right aligned with text wrapping.

Need ideas for how you can use images on your site? Check out our tutorial on different image options you have within our program.