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How to Add an Image Grid

What You’ll Learn

Today I’ll go through how to create an image grid on your page, where each image can link out to a different page, for featured projects for example.


  1. Pick a layout for your page and get an idea for where the image grid is going to go.
  2. Add the Text app, which will be used to create the image grid.
  3. Delete the default text, and then click the “insert image” icon to start adding your images.
  4. Once your image is added, you can add spaces if you’d like to have padding between your images in the grid.
  5. Continue adding images in the same way, using the same spacing in between each image, and when you’d like to start a new row in the grid, just hit your “enter” or “return” key.

If you’d like for your images to link out to another page on your site, or maybe an outside URL, select the link icon in your image editor, and pick the linking option you’d like to use for where someone will go when they click the image.

So, this is how you can create an image grid on your site, using the Text app. Thanks for watching!