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How the Video Gallery App Works

About the Video Gallery App

The Video Gallery app is great for when you want to display a row of videos that visitors can click through and watch. Here’s a screencast showing how this app works, and below are some quick how-to references as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change a video’s caption?
Mouse over the video thumbnail image. Then double click, and the CMS panel will open. You can there edit the caption as needed.

How do I change a video that’s already in the gallery?
Double click the video thumbnail you’d like to change once, and you’ll see a small dialog box appear with a video URL. Add the URL (Youtube or Vimeo for example) and click Save.

How do I resize the video gallery thumbnail images?
Mouse over the bottom right corner of any of the video thumbnail images – you’ll see the corner highlight. Click, hold and drag the corner to resize the player to your liking.

How do I add more than one video gallery?
Just like any other app, you can duplicate an existing version of the app by clicking the “2x” button when you mouse over the app, or you can install a new version of the app. You can have as many app versions as you’d like.

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