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How the Video Player App Works

About the Video Player App

The Video app is great if you want to display a single, stand-alone video player on your page, and of course like all of the apps in Breezi you can have as many versions of the Video app as you’d like. Here’s a quick video showing how this app works.

Video Transcript:

The video app is great if you just want to display a single video player for a featured video or tutorial or whatever you may want to show on your site. But it’s really ideal for just a stand-alone single video and you can of course have as many as you’d like by duplicating the app or installing multiple instances across your pages.

Let me show you it in the apps panel so you know which one we’re talking about.

It’s just called Video here, so I’ve already installed it on my page and how it works is if you want to change this video, all you do is click on the “Edit Content” button on top of the app itself. Just click one-time and you get a simple dialog box here, which lets you put a URL for your video.

So this is meant to pull in a video from a video hosting service like Youtube or Vimeo.

So let’s say I have a different Youtube video I’d like to show. I’m just going to copy my URL, and also you can grab it from your Share option there, and them I’m simply going to paste in the new URL.

If you just added the new app and it has the default URL there, just add whatever player or whatever video you want to show and then click save, and what that does is pulls in the thumbnail from that video hosting service of the video and it gives you the player.

This is Youtube so it’s pulling in the Youtube player right there and how it works is if we go into preview mode – it is very straightforward – visitors can come see the video, they press play, and it simply plays the video.

Not a whole lot of advanced functionality… it’s very straight forward and to the point.

The one other option you do have with the video player is you can actually resize the the player itself.

Simply by mousing over the corner, and as you do that you’ll see there’s a little resizer that displays. You can click and drag the corner there and as you can see it’s gonna resize it right on the fly.

So depending on where you want to show it, if you’re in a two column or three column, or here we have a full width view, you can play with the size to make it fit the column nicely – then adjust the content around it.

So thanks for watching!