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How to Setup a Multilingual Website

Instructions to Setup a Multilingual Website

This tutorial shows you how to setup a multilingual site with  our website builder, if you have visitors that need to view your site in multiple languages.

We’ll start on the page with the original language you want a translated version for. For this example, we’ll use an English version that will be translated into Spanish. The following steps will guide you through the process.

How to Create a New Page

1. Create a new page (shelf > Pages > Add Page) and enter a name for it. The name can be the translated version, or the same with “- Español” at the end.

2. On the “Add Page” options, select all apps to be copied to the new page. We want the new (Spanish) page to look just like the English one, but with the translated verbiage instead.

Options for a new page: copy all of them

Duplicate and Translate Apps

3. On the new page, duplicate every app that needs text translation, and delete the original app versions used on the previous page. The duplicated version always appears below the original.

Duplicate apps on your new page

4.Update the apps with the translated text. At this point we should have two complete versions of our page in both languages (English and Spanish). We now need a way to link them.

Link the Pages

5. Add a new Navigation app to one of your columns, and have only two links: English and Español. Each of them should obviously be linked to the proper page.

Navigation between english and spanish versions

6. Switch to the English version of the page and insert the same Navigation app you just created for the Spanish page.

Make sure you update your navigation links when you add new translated pages, and each English/Spanish pair of pages should have its own version of the language selection Navigation app.

And that’s it! You can now apply the same process here through out your entire site. Have questions or comments about this video tutorial? Let us know in the comments area below!