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How to Add a Google Custom Search Box

Instructions for Embeding a Google Search Widget

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to add a Google Custom Search box to the site you created with our website maker. It allows your visitors to search your site for the content they’re looking for. This is ideal for larger informational sites with lots of content.

For Starters…

1. Go to Google Custom Search and login. To login, you need a (free) Google account.

Google Custom Search Engine Sign-up button

2. Click on “Create a custom search engine”.

Set-up Your Search Engine

3. Add the requested options. General fields like “name”, “description” and “language” are there.

"Describe your search engine" fields

The most important of these options though, is “Sites to search”. Here you will add your site’s domain (if you have your own domain that you’ve pointed) or subdomain, without “http”, for example:* (the asterisk indicates that the search is for the entire site).

"Sites to search" field with sample site

4. Select the “Standard Edition” (free), check the “agree to terms” option and hit “Next” below.

Options under "Editions"

5. Choose a style and customize its colors. Or you can skip this step and just select the default style, and click next.

Custom Search Box styling options

The Code

6. Then the code will be shown. Select and copy it.

Sample code in the Embed HTML app

Back in Your Breezi Site…

7. Paste the Google Search Engine code in an Embed HTML app on your Breezi site.

Additional Information

Want to learn more about the Embed HTML app? Read this article about it.

Go and try it out! You can now have your own Google powered search, right inside your site!


If your site hasn’t been crawled/indexed by Google, there won’t be any results when you search. And it may take between a few days to a few weeks before Google indexes your site.

That’s All

Doubts or comments? Please share them down below!