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How to Add a Calendar Into Your Breezi Site Using Google Calendar

What You Will Learn

In this article you will find the steps you need to follow in order for you to add a calendar using Google Calendar.

Adding a calendar into your site could bring you some benefits besides just giving you a clear and explicit plan over a period of time. You could organize events or let your visitors know about upcoming plans, plus, having a calendar always makes your site look professional.

For these and many reasons, this article will help you learn how to add a calendar into your Breezi site.


1. First of all you’ll need a Google account, if you already have one please go to step 2. If you don’t, click here to get started.

2. Log into your Google account and go to Calendar so you can add your upcoming events.

3. Once you have added the events of your interest, go to the left side panel and click on My Calendars, then click on settings.

Edit the settings of the calendar you'd like to add

4. You’ll see a new panel where you ‘ll have to select the calendar you’d like to use by clicking on it.

5. You can customize color, size, view, and other settings just by clicking on the customize option.

6. Once you have customized the look of your calendar, copy the HTML code and paste it into a new Embed app in your Breezi site.

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