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How to Use the FTP Sync Tool

How to Use the FTP Sync Tool

Psst! You can now also sync your website files to a Dropbox or Google Drive account, from the FTP Syncing window (see below).

What’s It For?

FTP syncing has arrived to our site creator! With this tool, you’ll be able to sync your whole site with an FTP server of your choice. This way, the whole set of actual web files will be dumped to your hosting account. Note that you must use a web server with public access in order to view your site online on the internet.

In this article, we guide you through the process of granting access to your FTP account for exporting your site-related files.

How to Set it Up

Select it from the More Menu

On your site, go to the shelf and open up the More menu. Look for “FTP Syncing”. An icon with two self-looping arrows adorns it.

Click on it and it will open a window that prompts for your data.

The More menu in Breezi, highlighted: FTP Syncing

Select “FTP Syncing” from the More menu on the shelf

Enter Your FTP User Data

On this window, you are presented with several options.

Note Sure Where to Find Your FTP Account Info? Click here to learn how.

First, you must click on the checkbox to enable this feature. Then, you are asked for your FTP user Login and Password. Then, the host address itself (ftp:// is automatically added so you don’t need to). Finally, a path to your desired folder on your FTP account. This can either be a test/backup folder created specifically for this purpose, or an actual, publicly visible one.

Press Sync!

Once you enter your data, you can click on “Sync Now!” to begin the sync.

Note that this feature works on demand only. You need to specifically go there and hit the sync button every time you want your files exported.

Your FTP Account

Once you sync, you’ll get a series of files and folders on your account.

The Internet-wide visible folder path will vary from hosting to hosting, but usually they are named “public_html” or “www”.

Test & Review

Once you have all your data together and have synced your files, you’ll want to go and see your files. Feel free to browse around the files and folders created on your account.

Keep testing and let us know what you think about this feature!

Google Drive and Dropbox Integration

Now you can transfer your site’s files to your Google Drive or Dropbox accounts. It’s really quick and easy to do it!

Google Drive

In the FTP Sync Tool panel, click the “Login with Google Drive” link under the “Test & Drive” button.

Google Drive Login in the FTP Sync Tool

Click on the Login with Google Drive link to sync your files to you Google Drive account

A new window will open up where you’ll need to fill in your account’s information – username and password. Click “Sign in” button when you’re finished.

If you don’t have a Google account, click on the Sign Up button to get one!

Google's Sign in

Google’s Sign In

You’ll see a request for permission. A disclaimer will explain that we need your permission to view, manage and perform some operations in your Drive. Hit the “Allow access” button to sync your files to your Google account.

Allow acces button

Click “Allow acces” to continue with the syncing process

The sync can take up to 10 minutes (depending on how much files you have on your site). After that, you’ll be able to see a “site” folder in your Drive. Inside, you’ll find all of your site’s files.


Click the “Login with Dropbox” link in the FTP Sync Tool panel.

"Login with Dropbox" link

Click the “Login with Dropbox” link

A new window will open up where you’ll have to fill in your user information and then click “Sign in”.

Sign in with Dropbox

Sign in with your Dropbox user info

To continue with the sync, you’ll need to press the “Allow” button so that it can access your Dropbox account.

"Allow" button

Click the “Allow” button so that it can sync with Dropbox

And that’s it! A folder with all your files will be created in your Dropbox account.

Important Notes

This feature is currently experimental. We encourage you to use it and test it in a new (empty) folder on your account. Although it will not delete any of your files, it will overwrite files that use the same name and extension. So be careful!

Regarding hosting itself: We hosts your data, text and images, but does not provide an independent file hosting account for accessing it via FTP. You can obtain one from third party providers. You may be able to get some for free, though they usually insert some kind of ads to your site, or purchase one at your provider of choice.

Forms will not work when your site is hosted in your own server. If you need to include any forms on your site please use a third party service like Jotform or Wufoo.

Primary Use Cases

Since you’ll get direct access to all the files needed to display your site, most probable is that you would want to use the FTP sync tool for either hosting your site your self, or just for backup.

Host it Yourself

If you decide to host it yourself using these files, you’ll basically have two options. Manipulate and manually edit the files yourself (mainly code and images), or go back to our design web app every time you need to make changes and updates.


Backing up your files is always a good idea. You use this feature to backup your public site every once a while. Please note that you can’t re-import this into our application.