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Add Frames to Your Slideshows!

Add Frames to Your Slideshows!

In this post we’ll tell you all about a new fun app that we’ve just launched! It’s the Framed Slideshow app and even though it’s very similar to the Slideshow app, it comes with a cool new feature: frames! You can choose from our library of frames to make your site a little bit more fun, technological or just add a visually interesting effect to it.

A Quick Summary

As with the Slideshow app, you’ll have three slides in the default state of the Framed Slideshow (and you can add more with the “New Entry” button on the app’s toolbar).

  • To replace them, double click the image and use the image editor.
  • To edit its settings, click on the wrench icon.
  • To resize the app, hover over it and drag the bottom right corner of the image to its new size.
  • To remove any slide, click on the “x” icon at the bottom of it.
  • Finally, to reorder the slides, click the icon with the arrows in opposite directions next to the “Remove” button.

To read more about how to set a Slideshow app, click on the link.

Framed Slideshow app

As you can see, this app has the same buttons as the Slideshow app

To Install It

To install it, open the App Store in the shelf and look for Framed Slideshow. Click and drag the “Install New” button to your layout. The default form of the Framed Slideshow app will load.

Framed Slideshow app in the "Apps" menu

Find the Framed Slideshow app in the “Apps” menu

The New Settings

By clicking the “Edit Settings” button, you’ll see that the options are pretty much the same as with the regular Slideshow app (you can change the effect, the speed, propagate styles, etc.), but you’ll notice a difference right away:

The "Edit Settings" panel for the Framed Slideshow app

The “Edit Settings” panel for the Framed Slideshow app


The first option (“Frame”) is where you can have your pick. By clicking on it, you’ll get a dropdown menu with all the frames available. Here are some of them:

Examples of frames

Examples of frames

Note: There are some frames that aren’t as flexible because they have defined measurements (like the iPhone, iPad, iMac, TV, Phone, etc.). Therefore, you can’t alter its proportions, even though you are able to make it as small or big as the container they’re in will let you. When you add a image to any of those frames, it’ll be cropped to fit the frame. Keep that in mind when you’re choosing the images you want to add in those particular frames. You can click the “Use Full” option but, if the image is not the right size, it’ll expand beyond the frame.


With the other new option, “Alignment” (the third one in the “Edit Settings” panel), you can choose to align the app to the left, right or (update!) center (inside the column that contains it).

Alignment options for the Framed Slideshow app

Now you can center-align the Framed Slideshow app

Additional Information

If you suddenly decide that you don’t want to add a frame to your slideshow, you’ll have to remove the framed slideshow app from your layout and install the regular slideshow instead.

And that’s it! That’s all you need to know about the new member of our family of apps: the Framed Slideshow. Go ahead and try it!

Did we miss something? Let us know in the comment section below!