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How to Find Your FTP Account Login Information

This article will help you locate your FTP user details so you can use it to set up the FTP sync feature (to either back-up or host your website on your hosting account) in the best website builder ;) .

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What you’ll learn below is how to find your FTP username, password, and host address information from a hosting account with web hosting provider.

The host address is always just your domain that you’re using, so we’ll focus just on how to find your username and password.

Here’s How

To find your FTP account information, you’ll need to first log into your hosting account. From there, the way you’ll find your FTP account info. will vary depending on your hosting provider, but here are the steps for some of the top web hosts.


For GoDaddy, your FTP username and password is the same as your GoDaddy account username and password. If you’re not sure what your GoDaddy username  is, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Account Manager.
  2. Click Web Hosting.
  3. Click Launch next to the domain name you want to use.
  4. From the Settings menu, select FTP Users.

Your Primary FTP User displays, which is your FTP username. If you’re not sure what your password is, you can reset it by following these steps.

Network Solutions

First visit, click Manage Account at the upper right corner and login, then follow these steps:

  1. Click on My Products & Services tab.
  2. Click on the My Hosting Packages hyperlink.  If you have more than one nsHosting™ Shared package, select the package you  need to check for FTP account info.
  3. Click on the FTP/Content Publishing icon
  4. Click on the FTP Account Manager icon
  5. You can View/Edit existing FTP accounts on this screen. To edit your existing FTP Username/Password select the radio button next to the FTP account and click on the Edit hyperlink.


Log into your DreamHost Panel first, and then follow these steps:

  1. In the left side panel, under Domains, click Manage Domains
  2. Once there, you will see the user in the domain name’s row. For example: Fully Hosted / User: myuser (where it says “myuser”, that is your FTP username.)
  3. If you don’t know the password and need to change it, look for Users in the left side panel and click Manage Users. Then, for the user you need the password for, under Actions, click Edit. Then scroll down on this page, and you’ll see a place to set a New Password - this will be your FTP password.

Log into your Account Manager here. If you do not have your username or password you can click here to retrieve it.

  1. Once logged in, click on your Hosting product (e.g. Hosting Essential) under My Accounts.
  2. On the next screen you’ll see your FTP username and password displayed under Control Panel and FTP Access Information.


Log in to the 1&1 Control Panel using your Customer ID or domain name and your password.

  1. If you have only one package, you will land on the Administration page. If you have more than one package, select the package in question to reach its Administration page.
  2. Click the FTP Account link from the Domains & Webspace panel.
  3. You will see your username, destination directory and description of the FTP account here.
  4. The password will not be displayed in the Control Panel for security reasons, if you do not remember your password, it will have to be reset it - click the edit button next to the account in question.
  5. You will now see two text boxes to set a new password. Please enter the same password twice to set a new password.


cPanel is one of the most common control panels offed by web hosting companies. If you use cPanel through your hosting account, your FTP username and password is the same as your cPanel username and password.


For (gs) Grid-Service, your FTP username is simply your primary domain. Your FTP password is simply your MediaTemple account password.

Yahoo! Small Business

Your FTP username is in the form of your Yahoo! ID email address. For example: (replace “name” with your Yahoo! ID, and with your own domain name). Your FTP password is simply the password you use to sign in to your Yahoo! account.

Have a Different Hosting Provider?

If your hosting provider is not listed above, and you’re not sure how to find your FTP username and password, please check the your web hosting provider’s support. Often times you can do a Google search like “[insert hosting provider here] how to find my FTP login” and you’ll be able to easily find a support article on it.

Or you can send us an email to, and we’ll be happy to help!