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How to Set Up a Facebook Fan Page App

If you have a Facebook Page, you can have a widget on your site for your visitors to “Like” and share. Note that a “Facebook Page” is different from a normal, user profile. To create a Facebook Page, use this link.

To add a Facebook Page app, follow these steps


1. Once logged into your site, go to the shelf, and click on the “Apps” button.

Breezi shelf

2. From the menu, look for “Facebook Fan Page”.

App Store menu, showing the Facebook app

3. Then on the right, click and drag the “Install New” button, to a container of your liking.

When you are dragging that button, it should look like the following image. Release it and the new app will start loading.

Dragging the new Facebook app


5. Once it loads, it will have the defaults settings, including the app title. You can modify it by double clicking and start typing.

The Facebook Page app, once it loads

Open Settings

6. Now the most important part: the app settings. To access the settings, go to the app toolbar, located on top of the app. A wrench icon depicts it.

Edit "Facebook app" button

In the settings window, you have 3 options.

Options for the Facebook app

  • Facebook Page URL: Copy the URL from the address bar of your browser.
  • Show Wall Stream: If “Yes” is selected, the latest post from the page wall will be shown. “No” will only show a “Like” button and a couple of profiles who have “liked it”.
  • Propagate Style to All Pages: This option allows settings from the styling dot options (for this app), to be the same across different pages where this version is (or is going to be) installed.

Save and You’re Done

When you are done with the settings, hit the green “Save” button below. You can also do the set of things that you can normally do with any app, duplicate it, swap it for another version, or delete it.

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