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Embed SoundCloud Audio

Embed SoundCloud Audio


You may be interested in the following article on how to add sets of songs:

Instructions to Add a SoundCloud Widget

So you’ve decided to make a website online well, in this tutorial we’ll show you how to integrate a song (track) or set (playlist) from SoundCloud onto your Breezi site, for your visitors to listen.

For Starters…

1. First, you need to go to the SoundCloud track or set (playlist) you want to share. It can be either yours, or public (from another user). It’s the same procedure whether it’s a song or a set that you want to embed on your site.

Share It

2. Locate the “Share” button on the top left area of the player, and click it. A small window with several options will appear. On the lower right, click the “Edit your widget” button.

Share button on the SoundCloud player

The Code

3. Here you can see a preview of the player as it will look, and in the lower section some options to customize it. So once its set, you can copy the code below, right next to the big gray arrow.

SoundCloud embed options

Back in Your Breezi Site…

4. Go back to your site in Breezi, and add a new “Embed HTML app”, paste the code there, and save.

Embed HTML app

And you’re done! You can now make a website online and start adding audio recordings through SoundCloud.

Something else?

If you think we’re missing something, please let us know on the comments!