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What You Can Do with the Embed HTML App

How to Use the Embed HTML App

With the Embed HTML app, you can add your own HTML code, paste a 3rd party application’s embed code, or add an iFrame into your site easily. Just be aware, using this app is for those who are a bit more advanced, so just make sure you know what you’re doing first. You can use this app to add a shopping cart or payment/donation options, a custom Wufoo form, and lots more! Let’s go through what you can do with the Embed HTML app in our web design app.

To Install It

1. Drag the “Install New” button from the Embed HTML app row and drop it anywhere on the layout

App Store menu

To Edit It

2. Click on the Edit Content button

Embed App Edit Settings


3. Paste your embed code, or enter your HTML here if you’re more advanced

Embed App Code Field

Once you’re done, remember to click “Save”.


A code validator has been set in place. It will prevent your code from being saved if errors are found. Learn more about it in the following post:

About HTML Validation


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