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Embed App – Troubleshooting


Now there’s a way for you to reset your apps. This way, if one of your apps is causing trouble, by restoring it to its default state you’ll be able to get your site working properly again.

What’s this article for?

This article will help you troubleshoot the most common issues caused by a corrupted code inserted on the Embed app.

If you pasted code from an untrusted source, or code that you believe was wrong and you’re experiencing issues like: broken layout, missing backgrounds, broken menus, collapsed apps, etc., please follow the next steps in order to fix it:

Page creation

1. Go to the pages menu and click on the “Create new page” button.

Add a new page in order to isolate the embed app

Add a new page in order to isolate the embed app so you can start troubleshooting it

2. Select only the Embed app to be copied into the new page and save.

Copy the embed app to the new page

Select the embed app to be copied over the new page and hit “Done”

App Editing

3. Once you’re in the new page and the Embed app has been isolated from the rest of the apps, click on the “Edit Content” button and remove the corrupted code.

Edit/remove the corrupted code

Click on the Edit Content button so you can remove the corrupted code from the app.

4. After you remove the code you will need to enter some text in order to save. We highly recommend you to type something like: “Embed App”, so you can identify the app once the code has been removed.

5. Hit the “Save” button.

Replace the wrong code

Once you have replaced the wrong code just hit the “Save” button

6. Go back to the page that used to be broken, it should be working and rendering properly.

Feel free to remove or use the Embed app once again if needed. You can either delete or keep the new page that you used to fix this issue.

Note: Please be very careful while using the Embed app, remember that corrupted code could bring serious implications to your site.


Did the issue get solved after following the steps mentioned above?

Yes. You can continue editing and using your site, it will be working properly now.

No. Please send us an email to

Remember that you can always leave us a comment.