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Double Click to Edit in Place, Simple Content Management

How to Edit Using our web design tool

We’ve made it so that you can roll-over almost any piece of content and start editing just by clicking or double clicking. When you roll-over an area of content – whether it’s text, an image, a video, or something else – it will highlight, which indicates that you can click to edit that particular piece of content. When you click/double click, you can start typing to edit text, or you’ll be shown a straight-forward interface for editing other types of content like images and videos. Here are some examples…

Video Transcript:

All the content is edit in place so to start making changes, double click on one of the Apps.

For example you can double click on text to start editing and use the WYSIWYG editor to apply formatting.

To edit an image double click on it which will give you an option to replace it, resize or crop the image and you can even link it and add ALT tags if you’d like.

Highlighted text means you can double click to edit it:

Click to edit this highlighted text

A highlighted image means you can double click to edit it:

Click to edit highlighted image

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