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Double Click to Edit Content

Double Click to Edit Content

In this article you will learn about an update to the editing user experience: double click to edit. Basically, you are now able to edit text, images (and others) by double clicking. Whereas a single click will have the effect that a normal click has (like a visitor).

Animated double click

This animated image illustrates a double click

How will this affect you? You might not be familiarized with the new way, but fear not: this change is very simple to understand. If you are an existing customer, used to click-to-edit everything, then you should read this post to learn how the experience changed.

This also means that you no longer have to long-click (click and hold) to interact with your apps. This is replaced by single-clicking.

Pencil Icon

You’ll notice that whenever you move your mouse above any element that allows editing, your mouse icon changes into a pencil.

Pencil icon over an apps title

The pencil icon indicates you can edit the element you’re currently hovering over

This means you can double click to edit.

Editing a text app title

Once you double click, you’re able to edit the content (some will be in-place, some other will use the CMS panel)

“Always in Preview”

In order to make things easier for you to understand, let’s say you’re always in preview mode. This is not really accurate, since you still have the preview button to switch from editing to preview.

Preview mode button. You are not actually "always in preview"

“Always in preview” is just a way to explain how double click integrates into the user experience

But the point of this comparison is to portray the whole concept behind double clicking. So when you make a normal (single) click, links will be activated, buttons triggered, image galleries open, etc. In order to edit your apps and content, you must double click.

This does not apply to the style dots or the shelf. There you can single-click to select something.

Double click speed

Note that the speed needed to trigger the double-click effect, is set by your operative system.

Follow these steps to change your double click settings in the following OS:

Microsoft Windows

Open the Control Panel (Start > Control Panel) and search for “Mouse”. Select “Change mouse settings”.

The Mouse Properties panel will open. The first tab, the one that’s opened first, is called “Buttons”. There you will find the “Double-click speed” section, where you can adjust the slider.

Mouse properties in Microsoft Windows

Here you can select the double click speed in Microsoft Windows

The further you move it to the right, the faster you will need to double click for it to take effect. Test it by double clicking the folder on the right.

Apple Mac OS

Open the System Preferences (Spotlight > System Preferences) and search for “Mouse”.

Mac OS mouse settings

Drag the slider under “Double-Click” to adjust the speed

The same way as in windows, drag the slider to the right to make it necessary to double click faster for the action to trigger.

That’s it!

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