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List of Specific Providers’ Instructions for Pointing Your Domain

In order to use your own domain you simply need to point your domain to our IP address. However, the steps to do this will vary a bit depending on the domain registrar you used (or if you use a separate service to manage DNS records). Select the provider you used to Register your domain from the list below for specific instructions:

Don’t see your service provider on the list?

Here are general instructions that apply to any service provider that allows you to update DNS records. We’ll be adding instructions for other Registrars soon, but please contact us if you need assistance or to request instructions for the service you use.

Does your service providers not let you update DNS records?

You can try contacting your Registrar’s tech support and either ask for instructions on how to do it, or directly request them to do it for you.

If there’s no way to update or add “A” records through the DNS settings with your current provider, you’ll need to transfer your domain to another Registrar.


If you signed up during our beta promotion, you can use a top-level domain and your site is free forever as long as you start creating your site within 30 days of sign-up; if you signed up after we’ve released our paid plans and have come out of beta (and didn’t use a separate special promo) you’ll need to upgrade to a paid account before setting up a top-level domain.

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