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Domain Related FAQ

Domain Related FAQ

In this article we will address specific concerns or doubts related to setting up your Domain.

You might find yourself in one of the following cases, and with this guide we may be able to help you get going.

Before Entering your Domain in our program

Important! Before you proceed to enter your Domain in your settings, make sure your domain is pointed correctly with your Domain provider.

If you’ve already done this step, you may want to use to verify. Learn how in this article.

You may experience problems if you enter your Domain without it being successfully pointed at your registrar.

Can I point multiple Domains to my site?

No, you can only point one domain to one site.

You can, however, use a redirection/forward method (server side script, javascript, htaccess redirect, etc.) to send all relevant domains to the main/pointed one.

I purchased a Domain with a (random) Registrar, how do I link it to yours?

You need to edit the A records on the DNS management and point it to our IP:

Find detailed instructions here. A list of providers with instructions specific to each company is available too.

If you don’t know where you purchased your domain, keep reading (almost at the bottom).

What about FTP?

We don’t offer FTP management – only website hosting.

And you don’t need any FTP account. Look at the next question.

But I already have a hosting account, how do I set it up with yours?

You don’t have too. Our program is independent from a hosting account.

Will both “Old” and “New” login pages work?

Yes! When your Domain is successfully pointed, note that both and pages will work as the login entrance for managing and editing your site.

Will my Email break if I change my Domain to yours?

No, your Email will continue to work when you point your A records to our app, since this setup does not require to edit the MX records.

MX records are the ones in charge of Email in your domain.

I have set up my Domain with your program, what happens to Email?

If you didn’t edit the MX records, your Email will continue to work just the same. You don’t have to take additional action to keep your Email working.

I already pointed my A record to your IP, why is it not working?

You must follow one last step to get your Domain working with our app.

Edit the “Top Level Domain for This Site” field on the “URL & Custom Tracking Code” option from the “More” menu. See detailed instructions here.

Check this very article for other possible causes:

  • Verify that your Domain was pointed correctly
  • Wait up to 48 hours
  • Make sure your site is published
  • Enter your Domain in our program and save

Why am I getting the “X” symbol on my settings?

This can mean one of two things: either the Domain hasn’t been pointed successfully (learn how to check it) or it hasn’t propagated around the world. It can take up to 48 hours.

Otherwise you must look back and review or ask for tech help to either our support team or the one from your registrar. Learn more at the bottom of this post.

Once it’s OK, that field on the settings should display a green check mark/tick.

How do I ultimately know that everything is OK?

Do a browser test: publish your changes, log out of your site and open the Domain URL you pointed to our web app.

If you see your site, then it’s successfully pointed.

What service should I use for Email?

We do not provide Email services, but there are a lot of third parties that do. Here are some of the most popular:

You can choose any of those to set up Email at your Domain.

If you want to set them up, read on to the next question.

How do I set my Email up?

Depending on the Email hosting service you want to use and the Registrar where you purchased your Domain, the process and the screens you’ll have to go over may vary a little bit. Some Registrars let you do this automatically with a few clicks, without you having to go manually over the updates of the MX records.

Or you can ask their support team to do this for you.

In case you want to do it yourself, you’ll need to set up an account on the respective Email service of your choice first. Then you’ll have to look at the table of MX records for that particular service, and update your table on your DNS records panel or management section.

For example, for Google Apps, you would have to enter the following addresses:

PriorityMail Server

Here’s a list of instructions for the providers listed above.

My Registrar doesn’t allow me to edit DNS settings, how do I link it to your application?

Unfortunately, if your Registrar doesn’t let you change your records, or doesn’t give you access to the DNS panel, you won’t be able to point it to our program. You’ll need to transfer your domain to a Registrar that lets you do so.

Also note that some Registrars might do this for you, if you contact them directly and ask them.

Need your Domain registrar to help with the pointing?

You can contact your domain registrar’s support if you need assistance doing this, and call or submit a ticket using the following request:

I’ve created a website using your application, and I need help pointing my domain,, to their IP address. Can you please point the “@” A and “WWW” (Host) records to this IP address for me, or provide me with clear instructions on how to do this?

For more information on this, please visit this instructions page.

Thanks for your help!

No idea where you registered your domain?

In case you’ve already registered a domain but forgot about it and can’t remember where it was, you can use the following tip to find out.

Visit, enter your domain name, click on the tab labeled “Registration” and look where it says, “ICANN Registrar:”. Following this phrase should be the name of the registrar where your domain was purchased.

Forgot your login/password/credentials?

Contact your registrar’s tech support to ask them about those details.

Most providers have a “forgot password” functionality, where you enter your email and a reset link (or your current password) is sent to that email.

If you don’t know where you purchased your domain, look at the question above.

Did you get stuck or confused along the way?

Don’t worry, we’ll get you squared away!

You can send us a message at the email below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Something missing?

Please go to the Live Chat or let us know on the comments!