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Domain Pointing Articles Summary

This post is a summary of all the domain pointing related articles.

Select your provider from this list and learn how to point your domain with that vendorInstructions for Specific Providers (List)

This is a list for the most popular domain providers. On each of these links you’ll find specific instructions on how to point your domain with that particular provider. Read more.


Domain pointing article part 1

How to Point Your Domain (Part 1/2)

The first part, out of two. This one is a general post, if you want to learn how to point it with your specific provider, check the article above. Read more.


How to Point Your Domain (Part 2/2)

Any of the articles above (general or specific instructions) are the first part of the configuration. Both need a follow up on this article. It explains where to set things up within our web editor. Read more.


Difference Between DNS & A Records

This article explains what the difference between those concept is and that you should make updates on your records, and not on the servers. Read more.


How to use WWW with your domainUse “www” With Your Domain

In order to make your domain work when the “www” prefix is added to the URL, you must follow these steps and complete that setup. Otherwise you can continue to use “” without prepending www and it will work. Read more.


General Domain Related Concepts

This post addresses the general concepts that have to do with setting up your own domain. These are DNS, ISP, Hosting, Domain Registrars, etc. Read more.


Frequently Asked Questions

In this article you can troubleshoot your process. Read the most asked questions regarding Domain setup, and other not so common situations that you may find yourself in. Read more.


Learn how to register your own DomainRegister (Purchase) a Domain

If you want to get your own Domain and haven’t registered one, check this article to learn how.