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Display Your Website on a Subdomain

How to Use your Site on a Subdomain

The Quick Answer

Create an “A (Host) Record” through your DNS Manager; point it to and save; log into your site, then click “More” and select “URL / Custom Tracking Code”; enter the new subdomain address in the Top Level Domain field, select “Redirect Subdomain to Top Level Domain” and save.

Create an A record in your DNS management system

Step-by-Step Instructions

Let’s say you own your own domain called And you also signed up for a site, which you named But you’d like your site to be setup as a subdomain of so you can tell everyone to go to No problem, here’s how to do it…

1. Log into your domain registrar’s site to access your account

Visit the site for your domain registrar or other service you use to manage DNS settings, and login to access your account.

2. Create a subdomain & point it to our IP Address

Find the area in your domain registrar account where you can edit DNS settings, which also may be titled something like “DNS Manager,” “Zone File Settings,” “Domain Settings,” “DNS Records,” etc. Look for where the “A (Host) Records” are on the page, and create a new “A Record”. The host name for the record should be whatever subdomain you’d like to use (in this example is would be “toorad”), and point it to our IP address:

It should look something like this:

Create an A record in your DNS management system

If you’re unsure of where to do this in your account, please contact the support at the service provider you’re using with the following message:

I need help creating and pointing a subdomain,, to the following IP address: – I can’t find where I can edit DNS settings/records. Can you please tell me how/where I can go to create and point an A (Host) record to this IP address?

Thanks for your help!

3. Double Check Your Subdomain Is Properly Pointed

This may take up to 24 to 48 hours to go through. To double check it went through properly, go to, click the “Ping” button, type in your subdomain, select “Go”, then check if displays below as the IP address (it could take a bit more time).

Test that the site was successfully pointed with a Network Tools Ping

4. Once you Check This, Go back in your site login, select “More” on the shelf, and select “URL / Custom Tracking Code”

Your site needs to be published at this point. If it’s not published, you will notice the green “Publish” tab at the lower right.

Click on Admin > URL / Custom Tracking Code

5. Add the Subdomain, Confirm and Save

Finally, add only your subdomain (i.e. not or in the “Top Level Domain for This Site” area (see image below). You’ll see a green checkmark display, which verifies your subdomain is correctly pointed. You can choose to “Redirect Subdomain to Top Level Domain” (which we recommend) – doing so will redirect to Finally, click Save Changes. You can now go straight to the subdomain to view your website.

Enter your subdomain data

Additional Information

Did you need a little help on this? We’ve got you covered, don’t worry!

If you only want to change your subdomain (i.e., click here.

If you are still having difficulties, please send us an email to, or ask on the comments area below.