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Different Ways to Add Images with Apps

Image Display Options With Apps

Curious about your options for displaying images on your site? Well, there are a few different ways you can do it, depending on how you want to showcase your images. Let’s go through the apps that allow you to display images, and how each one works.

  • Text app
  • Image app
  • Slideshow app
  • Image Gallery app

NOTE: In each of the cases below, you can resize and crop the images, and then apply styles using the dots.

1. Insert images within text using the Text app

Click on this button to add an image

NOTE: You can link images within the Text app, but they can not be clicked and enlarged.

2. Display a single, static image using the Image app (i.e. to display a logo or other stand-alone image)

NOTE: You can link the image using the Image app, but it can not be enlarged by clicking.

3. Showcase rotating images using the Slideshow app

Slideshow app options

NOTE: Images automatically rotate, and you can add as many as you’d like. One image displays at a time, and you can choose for how long, whether the image transitions will fade or slide, and if they fade, you can select how fast. Images can be linked, but cannot be clicked and enlarged.

4. Display multiple images at once using the Image Gallery app

This is the image gallery app

NOTE: You can add as many images you’d like, and when visitors click an image, they’ll see an enlarged version in a gallery viewer. Each image can have a caption as well, and the smaller versions can be resized easily. You cannot link images in the Image Gallery app.

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