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Device Optimizer is Back!


A feature that allows you to publish changes on demand was released some time ago. This means that changes are not reflected to your visitors until you manually publish them so your users won’t be seeing a half edited page (including on the mobile version of your site). Check it out!

What is the Device Optimizer?

Here at our company we are very proud to present to you: the Device Optimizer. This feature will make your site render appropriately on each different device you’re visitors use to view it. This is one of the coolest features that we have launched recently!

It enhances the experience on the device through which your visitors enter and browse your site. And it’s not just about the width of the screen (Responsive Web Design, enabled by default on all sites), it also affects the way they navigate. For example, an image gallery will be browsed with your mouse clicking the “previous” and “next” buttons on a desktop computer, but through swiping in a touch-based device it gives a whole new meaning to mobile web design.

Please note that we have just launched this feature and the team is still adding enhancements as I type. Right now, we’re not perfectly translating every single style, as we have prioritized functionality over design. We care more for site to work on the devices and people can use it, rather than on smaller details of style.

How to Activate it

Go to the shelf, and open the More menu. Click on “Device Optimization”.

The shelf with the More menu open, and the Device Optimizer highlighted

Select “Device Optimization” from the More menu

Notice the disclaimer that appears and make sure that the box for “Activate Device Optimizer” is checked and click “Save”.

Disclaimer before turning on the Device Optimizer

Turning the Device Optimizer on

After that, a confirmation on the top will let you know that Device Optimizer is ready.

Your preferences have been saved

Confirmation of the Device Optimizer now on

And that’s it!

Remember that your changes are automatically saved, but need a manual push to be published live to your visitors.


Is it automatically enabled?

No, this feature is not enabled automatically. To turn it on, refer to the steps described above.

What happens if I don’t activate the Device Optimization?

If you don’t enable the Device Optimizer, your site is still accessible with all devices, but they will get the responsive design version without behavior adaptation.

Will my contact forms work if submitted on a mobile device?

Yes! All of your contact form apps will work in any device.