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Choose Which Controls to Show with Design Mode

Have you ever desired that the layout controls and borders could be turned off? Or ever thought about hiding the Styling Dots when not using them? With the Design Mode options, it’s now possible!

What is Design Mode?

The Design Mode menu has a set of controls you can turn on and off.

The "Design Mode" menu on the shelf

Click on this button to see the available controls to turn on/off

The main purpose is to avoid unnecessary visual aids and to increase performance. You can either turn on/off the check boxes for the following:

  • Layout Controls
  • Dots
  • Use Dot Profiles

This doesn’t mean you will not be able to edit them anymore, it will just be temporarily hidden. That is, until you enable them again.


If you have a lower grade computer (CPU cores and memory), it’s not recommended to have both Layout Controls and Style Dots enabled at the same time.

Layout Controls

If this check box is enabled, you will see the visual aids for modifying the layout structure.

These are for adding/removing Blocks and Sections, or splitting/joining/resizing the width of columns.

Design Mode: Layout Controls active

If Layout Controls are enabled, you can see the layout structure grid and visual aids for adding and removing containers (Blocks, Sections, Columns)

Style Dots

Style Dots allow you to customize background colors or images, spacing, margins, gradients, borders and more. If you disable them, you won’t be able to see the dots for either apps nor containers.

Design Mode: Style Dots active

If Style Dots are enabled, you will be able to see and click the style Dots of elements to edit them

Use Dot Profiles

The Dot Profiles are individual, importable sets of styles for you to reuse as much as needed. Each one contains a number of style options ready to be applied.

If disabled, the menu for accessing them from the shelf would be hidden. But you will still be able to use/modify them from individual Style Dots of apps or containers on your layout.

Design Mode: Use Dot Profiles active

If “Use Dot Profiles” is enabled, you will be able to see the Dot menus and edit them from the shelf


Why am I not seeing the layout controls or Styling Dots on my site?

All the options from Design Mode are disabled by default.

If you want to see any of them (layout controls, Style Dots, or Dot Profiles on the shelf) activate its check box from the Design Mode menu.

If I un-check the box for “Layout Controls”, will I be unable to modify the layout structure?

No, if the check box for Layout Controls is disabled, you won’t be able to modify the structure. But you can always activate them back on the same menu.

If I un-check the box for “Dots”, will I be unable to edit styles of apps and containers?

No, if the check box for Dots is disabled, you won’t be able to see the dots nor edit its respective style. But you can always activate them back on the same menu.

If I un-check the box for “Use Dot Profiles”, will I loose my saved Dot profiles?

No, if the check box for “Use Dot Profiles” is disabled, you won’t loose any of your existing profiles. But you won’t see the Dots menu on the shelf.

You can always activate its check box back on the same menu.

What controls are recommended to be turned on?

Any of the controls that you currently need should be turned on.

If your computer is slow though, it is not advisable to activate both the Dots and Layout controls at the same time.


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